Saturday, April 20, 2019
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There are two options for 8 piston calipers in the wortec range. The New EX8 which will be available during 2013 and the upgraded original which now has "WHiSPeR" included in the design.

The current 8 piston caliper is based on the large version of the 6 piston caliper body. The inclusion of the extra pistons has further benefited the pedal feel and clamping force and has proven to be a very good option for performance cars and SUV vehicles.

The 8 piston caliper has a lower profile than the 12 piston so can be used on smaller discs. An 8 piston caliper fitted to a 360mm rotor is a very good option when it is not possible to fit the 12 piston 388mm system due to expense or wheel size.

As with all calipers the 8 piston can have the race pistons and seal removal fitted at any time if required.

New to the 8 piston range is the EX8 which further bridges the gap to the 12 piston caliper. This caliper has the new 3d machining to enhance performance and save weight, it also has "WHiSPeR" along with the inclusion of Carbon fiber accents to make this a world leader in performance calipers.

As part of this design the EX8 has we belive the largest pad length available on a current performance caliper at over 200mm, which added to the weight savings means we have seen performance gains of 30% over other systems.