Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The rear brake systems on modern cars has changed significantly over the last few years and wortec have been providing new and innovative systems to compliment those changes.

The first option in rear brake systems is one where the OEM hand brake or as it is becoming known the "E" brake (emergency) is mounted inside a drum forming the centre of the rear disc rotor. This drum is formed from steel and has brake shoes acting on its inside surface. The main brake caliper acts on the outer rotor, this means that in an emergency and the brakes fail you can use the "E" brake to slow the car as it is operated via a cable independent to the hydraulic brake system.

When upgrading this type of brake wortec either machine a new OEM rotor to accept our new larger rotor and caliper. Or cast new centre bells to mount our system to. This method means that the safety and efficiency of the OEM  "E" brake is not effected.

There are some systems available that replace the OEM cast bell with aluminium, this reduces weight BUT is a safety problem as when the "E" brake is used on the aluminium surface it very quickly becomes over heated and will not work which may result in an accident.

Wortec do NOT produce a system using aluminium as we do not compromise safety.

A new approach to the "E" brake is to have a caliper which has hydraulic and cable operation on the caliper and this acts on the rotor only with no need for the cast centre bell. The removal of this caliper renders the "E" brake non functional and as such is dangerous.

The wortec system addresses this by retaining the OEM caliper but repositioning it to a new location on the wortec rotor. Then an additional caliper is fitted to provide the majority of the brake performance. The approach means that the "E" brake system is kept and safety is maintained.

A wortec system which retains the OEM caliper has been designed and tested extensivley as in effect the OEM caliper still provides some braking force so the balance needs to be calculated as in the event you add a 4 piston rear caliper you actually have a 5 piston system!

When specifying a new brake system it is vital to consider the rear as it needs to compliment the front system. The rear may provide a lower percentage of overall braking but when adding more the rear needs to be upgraded to match otherwise the overall brake efficiency will result in a imbalance.

Cast Iron rear rotors....

Twin Caliper rear systems....


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