Monday, July 22, 2019
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The racing program at wortec has lead to many innovations in the road car callipers and rotors and we feel it is vital to support the racing community at all levels. The current product is aimed at the CCTC series and has been fitted to various cars for test and evaluation to good effect. This series has regulations setting out a four pot brake with regulated piston sizes.

 To meet this requirement wortec designed a new calliper using 6061 T6 cold forged aluminium and spent many hours analysing the stress and heat profile generated in smaller racing wheels as fitted to the production car racing formula.

This calliper called the "T4" was tested to destruction to validate the 3d work (8hrs at over 2000psi pressure). In the racing environment a component needs to attain its performance goals without additional weight. With this in mind we set the total weight for calliper, pistons, pads and brackets to a maximum of 4kg!

With wortec's attention to detail we finally produced a calliper which is stronger and lighter than all current callipers and with a larger pad area than any other calliper and the final weight of 3.25kg which is a saving of unsprung weight in the order of over 20% less than previous systems used by our test team.

The development of this calliper will continue and it has already given rise to our new club man racing calliper. This new for 2013 season is a cost effective 4 pot calliper produced from extruded 6061T aluminium and is then 100% machined to produce the "T2" calliper ready to fit wheels down to 15".

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