Monday, July 22, 2019
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Wortec offer a calibration design and consultation service for companies wishing to utilise the range of GM power plants. All engine configurations including supercharged options are catered for and the addition of automatic gearbox calibration is available.

GM have operated a very successful supply service for its engine and transmission products. The inclusion of engine, PCM and in some cases wiring loom have given many bespoke car makers the perfect solution for power trains in there cars.

The package as supplied by GM is advertised as plug and play. This to a certain extent is correct but should be better described as an initial start pack, as to produce the best from the engine and transmission the car will require calibration work.

Wortec work with customers at the planning stage to highlight the details of the GM equipment that will impact on their project and can supply cost effective options at this stage before any commitment to purchase has been made.

Once the engine and gearbox have been installed in a test car wortec are on hand to start calibration work. This will involve producing a tune that is as close to that of a major OEM supplier but at a cost a small scale manufacture can justify.

Areas such as emissions, performance and economy are all addressed in wortec's calibrations. Also a great amount of effort is put into giving the final customer the correct driving experience from engine and automatic transmission (if fitted) the "feel" of the car is as important as performance if not more so. Attention to throttle response, gear shifts and power delivery are vital to deliver the experience the manufacture intends.

Once a calibration has been signed off it is then available to be installed in all the model range it was designed for. It should be noted that any change to the cars engine, ancillaries or even body work may have an impact on the calibration and all changes should be assessed to see if recalibration is required.

One other area for special note is the county the car will be used in. Many countries have varying grades of fuel and temperature conditions and these should all be considered before a calibration is finalised.

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