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The 12 piston caliper is the current top of the wortec range and is designed for very high performance cars and large SUV type vehicles where maximum retardation is required.

Due to the size of the caliper and the requirement for a centre bridge to maintain rigidity and performance, the caliper uses 4 pads per caliper. This configuration provides a pad area equivalent to two! 6 piston calipers.

The advantage of using 4 pads is that the pistons can be positioned and sized to provide maximum effect on the individual pads. The sizing improves the pedal feel and gives the drive confidence to uses the system to best effect.

The 12 piston caliper is very effective at dispersing heat and has the "WHiSPeR" machining included in the design. This ability to shed heat means that not only high performance cars benefit from this system, it also is used to very great effect on SUV and Mini vans where the 12 piston system can cope with the extra weight of the vehicle.

Some application that have benefited from the 12 piston caliper are "Armoured personal protection cars" and "Luxury limousine vehicles" where the customers safety is paramount.

For performance car applications the calipers can be supplied with race pistons which have been lightened and are installed without dust seals so they cope with the extreme heat of race application. The caliper like all the other calipers in the wortec range can be retro fitted with race pistons and changed as and when required.

A major consideration for performance applications is weight and this is an area where the 12 piston system wins over other large brake kits as it is very light compared to its size and is more than often lighter than the much smaller OEM system the car came with!

This system is designed to use our 388mm and 410mm rotor sizes and as such requires a 20" minimum wheel size, but in some cases if wortec wheels are used the wheel size can be reduced to 19" as the forged wheel has more clearance inside.




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There are two options for 8 piston calipers in the wortec range. The New EX8 which will be available during 2013 and the upgraded original which now has "WHiSPeR" included in the design.

The current 8 piston caliper is based on the large version of the 6 piston caliper body. The inclusion of the extra pistons has further benefited the pedal feel and clamping force and has proven to be a very good option for performance cars and SUV vehicles.

The 8 piston caliper has a lower profile than the 12 piston so can be used on smaller discs. An 8 piston caliper fitted to a 360mm rotor is a very good option when it is not possible to fit the 12 piston 388mm system due to expense or wheel size.

As with all calipers the 8 piston can have the race pistons and seal removal fitted at any time if required.

New to the 8 piston range is the EX8 which further bridges the gap to the 12 piston caliper. This caliper has the new 3d machining to enhance performance and save weight, it also has "WHiSPeR" along with the inclusion of Carbon fiber accents to make this a world leader in performance calipers.

As part of this design the EX8 has we belive the largest pad length available on a current performance caliper at over 200mm, which added to the weight savings means we have seen performance gains of 30% over other systems.




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The 6 piston range is headed by the EX6 and its smaller version the large 6. These calipers are perfect for medium sized performance cars and also as a replacement for OEM on many vehicles.

EX6 was a 2011 design which has now been updated to include the "WHiSPeR" technology to bring it right up to date. As a further enhancement for 2013 there will be the option to order this caliper with the new 3d machining and carbon fiber inserts first seen on the all new EX8.

EX6 is the perfect caliper for front wheel drive cars as it has a wide operating range, light weight and the ability to fit many rotor sizes right up to 388mm. We consider the EX6 as the starting point for all performance hatch back cars such as the RS Focus and Glof GTI.

The large 6 piston caliper is used mainly as a rear caliper as it has the perfect profile to fit the more space restricted rear position and still supply outstanding performance. The large 6 piston also has the ability to fit rotors up to 388mm.

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X6 SPORT is the new addition to the wortec 6 piston range.

This caliper takes design and production details from our racing system and adds them to the EX6 design. This uprated caliper is lighter than the EX6 and just as strong, so it is the perfect caliper for customers wanting the ultimate street or track performance.

The X6 Sport also has the addition of a carbon fiber face to produce a distinct look to go with the extra performance.



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The 4 piston range is dominated by one caliper this caliper is mainly used on the rear systems but can still pack a punch on the front when wheel size limits other options.

The caliper provides a good lower cost option for front installation on cars with lower performance or very small wheels but on the rear of a performance car is its real home.

This little caliper supplies exceptional clamping force for its size and when used on the unique dual caliper system pioneered by wortec it is the perfect choice.

Many rotor sizes and thickness's are covered by this caliper right from single solid discs at under 300mm right up to 388mm, 32mm thick vented rotors.



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The rear brake systems on modern cars has changed significantly over the last few years and wortec have been providing new and innovative systems to compliment those changes.

The first option in rear brake systems is one where the OEM hand brake or as it is becoming known the "E" brake (emergency) is mounted inside a drum forming the centre of the rear disc rotor. This drum is formed from steel and has brake shoes acting on its inside surface. The main brake caliper acts on the outer rotor, this means that in an emergency and the brakes fail you can use the "E" brake to slow the car as it is operated via a cable independent to the hydraulic brake system.

When upgrading this type of brake wortec either machine a new OEM rotor to accept our new larger rotor and caliper. Or cast new centre bells to mount our system to. This method means that the safety and efficiency of the OEM  "E" brake is not effected.

There are some systems available that replace the OEM cast bell with aluminium, this reduces weight BUT is a safety problem as when the "E" brake is used on the aluminium surface it very quickly becomes over heated and will not work which may result in an accident.

Wortec do NOT produce a system using aluminium as we do not compromise safety.

A new approach to the "E" brake is to have a caliper which has hydraulic and cable operation on the caliper and this acts on the rotor only with no need for the cast centre bell. The removal of this caliper renders the "E" brake non functional and as such is dangerous.

The wortec system addresses this by retaining the OEM caliper but repositioning it to a new location on the wortec rotor. Then an additional caliper is fitted to provide the majority of the brake performance. The approach means that the "E" brake system is kept and safety is maintained.

A wortec system which retains the OEM caliper has been designed and tested extensivley as in effect the OEM caliper still provides some braking force so the balance needs to be calculated as in the event you add a 4 piston rear caliper you actually have a 5 piston system!

When specifying a new brake system it is vital to consider the rear as it needs to compliment the front system. The rear may provide a lower percentage of overall braking but when adding more the rear needs to be upgraded to match otherwise the overall brake efficiency will result in a imbalance.

Cast Iron rear rotors....

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Twin Caliper rear systems....

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