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The design and production of brake pads is an integral part of high performance brake systems. We are very focused on producing the best braking systems in the world so all wortec systems come with pads designed by us and are not used in any other application or brake system.

To produce the perfect brake system all the components must work together and not being constrained by a need to reuse a brake pad profile means that the caliper and rotor can be optimised to produce the best performance.

As part of this unique ability to produce our own pad design, it allows us to also supply different pad compounds for different application.

From many hours of testing and experience gained from racing applications we have honed the range of pads down to approximately 5 versions of these we offer 3 as no cost options on most of the caliper range. The other pad compounds are mainly for race applications and are produced to the customers requirements.

The function of a brake pad is form a constant coefficient of friction between pad and rotor. To do this the pad transfers material onto the disc during braking and this contact defines the efficiency of the brake feel.

It is vital to bed new pads in according to our specifications which are detailed with all brake kits as this initial application of friction material is the base for all further applications. It is vital to to apply an even transfer and not produce "hot spots" which when produced will change the friction characteristics of that point on the rotor and generate an imbalance.

Unlike many manufactures wortec heat treat there disc before production and this means that when bedding in pads you are not a risk of overheating the disc and you are only concentrating on the pads which also means the process is simple and not time consuming.

It is recommended to skim the discs when fitting replacement pads as this will mean the new flat pad is acting against a new flat surface much like the first installation and this will produce the best result in the shortest time. Pads can be fitted to un skimmed disc but this means the new flat pad will take some time to wear into the same shape as the old pads and this means braking efficiency is reduced until they have conformed.

As wortec rotors have 2.5mm wear per side of the disc a light skim has very little effect on the overall life of the disc........



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